Here you can find information related to my education, publications, and ongoing projects.


I am currently the Research Data Management Systems Librarian at Queen’s University and Scholars Portal, the service arm of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL). In my role, my time is split between developing research data infrastructure locally at Queen’s and working with Scholars Portal on research data initiatives that support OCUL as a whole. I represent Queen’s and Scholars Portal on national working groups at CARL’s Portage Network, including the new Dataverse North working group.

Previously, I was as a postdoctoral fellow and project manager for the Orchestration and Perception Project, led by Stephen McAdams at McGill University.  I graduated from McGill with a PhD in Music Theory and a Master of Information Studies. My dissertation research employs novel interdisciplinary approaches to the study of orchestral gestures through music-theoretical investigations and perceptual listening experiments. It provides a foundation for a theory of orchestral gestures that incorporates listener experiences and considers the structural and expressive role of orchestration―a topic that is currently underdeveloped in music research.

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